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Modular Building

and Other Modern and Futuristic Construction Methods

The increase in demand for housing and public facilities will continue to increase. This factor can be articulated to the growing population and improving technology. As a result, a need to offer faster and quality products rises.

Modular Building

Modular building is a recent technique that makes construction easy and faster. This technique involves constructing the materials from indoors and then assembling them in the designated area. Assembling these materials take a few days as compared to site-built structures.

The materials used in modular buildings vary, depending on the consumer's taste. Building standards of modular homes are regulated according to the real estate appraisals. Many countries are embracing this method of construction.

A good example is Japan. These buildings are easy and cheap to repair in case catastrophes such as earthquake occur. The modular structure utilizes the use of 3D printing and CAD systems.

Other Modern and Futuristic Construction Methods

Apart from modular buildings, there are other construction methods. These methods are likely to outdo the current techniques in the future. They include the following, to mention but a few:

  • Aerogel Insulation

It involves the use of silica and is called frozen smoke. Silica has excellent insulation properties which do not allow heat or cold to enter a house. Thus, one can maintain the temperature they choose at no extra cost.

  • Self-Healing Concrete

This construction material will be one of the most significant discoveries made in the construction sector. As the name suggests, the concrete ‘heals' itself after getting a crack. This property is enabled by a bacterium used during construction. Once the crack enters some water, the bacteria become active, and the crack repairs itself.

Several construction methods are emerging, and it is worth investing in some of them.

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